Praise and reviews
for Ester's Child:

From School Library Journal
"A sprawling novel of historical intrigue that spans the years from 1938 to 1983 in Europe and the Middle East. The families of Moses Stein, a devout Jew from Poland; of Benjamin Gale, a secular, assimilated Jew from France; Freidrich Kleist, a German SS officer; and George Antoun, a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon become entwined through an amazing set of circumstances. Readers are introduced to the families in 1948. In Jerusalem a second son is born to Ester, daughter of Moses Stein, and Joseph Gale. The child is kidnapped. In Haifa, George and Mary Antoun, Palestinian refugees, learn that their family has been killed in an Israeli attack, and in East Berlin, Freidrich Kleist is haunted by a dream of his involvement in the death of Jews in Warsaw. The prologue gives readers tantalizing clues to the identity of Ester's child and clarifies the history of the four families and the ways in which World War II and the establishment of the state of Israel have affected them. How the fate of the families binds them in lasting relationships is described in an exciting narrative of suspense, intrigue, and romance. Each chapter is preceded by a clarifying historical account of the events, a helpful listing of the many individuals included in the story, and attractive black-and-white illustrations. Teens will find the plot involving and feel compassion for the characters, most of whom are unwilling and tragic victims of political extremes and human misunderstanding. The story ends on a note of hope and renewal."

From Booklist Starred Review
"Penned with compassionand set amid the war-torn backdrop of Europe and the unfolding military and political drama of the postwar Middle East, this absolutely riveting cross-cultural saga will have readers eagerly turning th epages in order to reach a suitable stunning conclusion."

From Historical Novels Reviews
"...for anyone who ever wanted to know how Israel came into existence and why the Palestinians wish it hadn't."


"One is compelled to read just one more page, one more chapter...."
– Oxford Review

"Unforgettable in content, fascinating in detail...a book to move you to tears."
– Faye Weldon

"Consistently gripping...A fast-paced, enthralling drama, rich in detail..."
– Salt Lake city Tribune

"Another page turner..." – Publisher's Weekly

"Anyone with the slightest interest in human rights will find this book heart wrenching. It is a well-written personal story that compels the reader to awareness of human rights violations in Saudi Arabia and of the true role designated to women by men, even in wealthy families in that country. The issues addressed by this admirably courageous woman stay with the reader long after the story is finished."
– Betty Mahmoody

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